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Pallasmaa Marina

Waiting for investment

There is a mysterious island in the Baltic Sea called Muhu. For the past 40 years our family has owned a country home in Pallasmaa Village. One fine day my father had idea to start wave breaker consturction because the environmental conditions for marina where excellent and best ones in Muhu. Pallasmaa Village is known for the best beach area in Muhu and the sea bed gets deep really fast compared rest of the island.

The construction started for the wave braker in 1993 when first stones were laid in the water. Since then it has been long coming and a lot of hard work. To bring this idea into life we have decided to sell it or find a business partner to bring things forward and build one of the best marinas in the Baltic Sea.

Best place to rest after a day in the waves….

…Is having time with Your loved ones in Pallasmaa Marina enjoying real island spirit in finish sauna with delicious food & drinks…

…After sunset having the best sleep over in a cosy country cabin. In Muhu this is called “Time stand still”!

Pier lenght up to 400 meeters

water deepness up to 4.5 meeters


Cordinates are:

XY: 6504504.59, 451977.87

BL: 58.677629, 23.172121

General design layout has already been introduced to the local government Muhu Vald. Once it is approved the detailed design phase can kick off.

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